September Meeting for the Oak Ridge PC Users Group

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The Meeting for Thursday, September 17, 2009, will present:


By: All Members Present

We are planning a House Party for the release of WINDOWS 7 at our October Meeting. To learn more about the House Party go to their web site. We have applied to host a House Party on October 22nd for the release of WINDOWS 7. We will not know until later whether we have been selected and the prizes awarded; however, we can still observe the release of this latest version of the Windows Operating System.

Note that, if we are accepted for an official House Party, we will have to change our meeting date to October 22nd (which will be the fourth Thursday) to fall within the official dates allowed for the party. This may also cause a change in venue if our usual meeting room is not available on that date. Check this web site for breaking information.

To fill out the rest of the program on September 17, we will open the floor for any member who will like to demonstrate to the Group some useful program or hardware that he/she has encountered in recent months. So there will be time for discussion and presentations from the floor by any person attending. If convenient, bring a laptop with the program to be discussed loaded and executing. This will be a time for sharing our computer experience with others in our Group.

As a suggestion (and a special request from your web editor), if there are members of the Group who have had experience with either FACEBOOK or TWITTER, please share your experience with the others in the group. (Your web editor has had limited experience with FACEBOOK and no experience with TWITTER.) Since these sites have become very popular with younger PC Users, it would be appropriate to share your experience with older members.

Remember that we have access to the Internet (either wireless or wired) and to a projector at the meetings.

A short business meeting will include our usual Question and Answer session about other topics and problems.

We are currently looking for a few good members to be the nominating committee for the officers for next year - or to be the nominees for officers for next year. Feel free to volunteer in either category.

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