April Meeting for the Oak Ridge PC Users Group

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For the Meeting on Thursday, April 9, 2008, a Discussion will be held by all present about your favorite program for browsing the Internet.

A new format will be adopted for this meeting. It will be a discussion by all present about the program that they use to browse the internet.

Internet Explorer 8

A new version of INTERNET EXPLORER (Ver. 8) has recently released by Microsoft. This program has a number of features that may be helpful to a number of users. Also, there are a number of short videos on the Microsoft web site that explain and demonstate these new features. Look them over and tell the other members whether these are important aspects to you. It would also be helpful to know why these features are useful.

There are a number of Browser Programs that are available at no cost, and you may have found another one that you find is particularly useful. If so, please let the others know about your experience with your favorite Browser.

Browser Programs tend to come with an assortment of "Add-on's" that can be used to view video clips or perform other tasks. Plan to tell others about the Add-ons that you have found to be the most useful; or warn us about problems that you may have had with some of them.

[Note from John Sanders: Since I am the person who posts our web announcements of the meetings, I will be particularly interested in which Browser Program you use and how you use it. It will be a great guide in formatting these web pages in the future.]

Your choice of a Browser Program is probably associated with the program that you use to view and create email. When email messages have included links to web sites, then clicking on the link will spawn your Browser and bring up the page. We probably have had varying experience with these combinations. If our discussion of Browsers turns out to be useful, we can have a discussion of various email program at the following meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to this presentation there will be a short Question and Answer Session about other topics and problems that members may have encountered in their use of their computers during the last month.

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