October Meeting for the Oak Ridge PC Users Group

The usual Meeting Night is now on the Third Thursday in each Month; however, for October 2009 ONLY, we will meet on the 4th Thursday, which will be the 22nd.
The usual Meeting Time is 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time
The Meeting Place is in Discipleship Room at the
New Life Church of the Nazarene
200 Lafayette Road, Oak Ridge, TN


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Windows 7 Logo

At the Meeting on Thursday, October 22, 2009, you will be introduced to the latest Operating System provided by Microsoft:

Windows 7, which will be released on 10.22.09 by Microsoft

and the presentation will be given by John Sanders of ORPCUG

This latest version of Microsoft's Graphical User Interface,WINDOWS 7, is based on the newest developments and features contained that have been modified according to the recommendations and comments from users all over the world. It is promoted as even easier to use and less vulnerable to outside attacks than previous versions. At this meeting, some of the more significant differences between Windows Vista and Windows 7 will be presented.

The most striking difference is reflected in the attempt to remove all of the clutter from your desktop so that you can easily find the tools that you need to accomplish your computer tasks. As with Vista, the listing of programs can be found in the "START Box" in the lower left corner of the screen. In addition, there is a search box that will directly find an application as enter its name. Also, a search box will help you find the documents and pictures that you have stored in your computer.

Greater use will be made of the Task Bar at the bottom of your screen. You can now attach icons for the most often used program to this task bar, and you can arrange the order of these icons with a simple click-and-drag. Files that have been opened on your desktop will also appear on the Task Bar, and when you point to that item, a thumnail of the open screen will appear just over the Task Bar.

There will be fewer applets appearing at the right end of the task bar; however, you will still have the area for useful gadgets on the right side of your desk top. The effort has been made to keep your work area clean and still maintain quick access to the programs and files that you want.

Windows 7 also makes it easier to install new hardware on your computer by providing the driver files for most of the equipment that you might want to add. If you now have more than one computer in your home, Windows 7 will help you to set up a home network that will allow all of the computers to share access to the internet and to all the printers and other devices on the system.

A new feature helps you to examine two Windows at the same time, such as copying information from a web site to a document that you are writing. All you have to do is SNAP and SHAKE. Moving one window (using click-and-drag on the title bar) to the right side of the screen allows it to snap to that half of the desktop; dragging the other window to the left side allows it to snap to that half of the screen. After you have moved a particular window to the front of the screen, you can go back to the previous display of the array of screens by SHAKING that window.

There will be prizes given away relating to Windows 7.

As usual, we will have a time for your personal questions, and we may need a few minutes to talk about the business of the ORPCUG. Remember, nominations are now being requested for the names of officers for the coming year. You may volunteer or give your recommendations, but check with those you recommend about their willingness to serve.

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