February Meeting for the Oak Ridge PC Users Group

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HP TouchSmart PC The Meeting for Thursday, February 12, 2009, will be given by:
Seth Mintz of STAPLES in Oak Ridge
On: The New HP TouchSmart PC

The new HP TouchSmart PC is the latest step forward in Home Computers. A picture of the computer is shown above, and more information is available on the HP Web Site at:


This site has detailed descriptions of both the hardware and the operating features of this new item. There are video files on the site that explain its operation in more detail. It is necessary to have the FLASH add-on to your browser to see these video files. If you have not already added that feature, you will be prompted for permission to secure this add-on. You must give your permission and you must to connected to the Internet for complete this task.

NOTE: Due to illness among other workers at Staples, Seth Mintz will not be able to attend this meeting. Downloaded descriptive videos from the internet will be presented by John Sanders.

The major new component of this unit is the Touch Screen on which you can tap and drag the icons (which are called "tiles") on the screen. So it is "point and slide" rather than "click and drag" which was previously done with your mouse. For convenience, there is a wireless mouse and also a wireless keyboard with the unit. Also, for use with models with TV capability, there is a remote control. Two fingers can be used to resize features on the Touch Screen.

There is even a little light on the bottom of the screen to illuminate the keyboard, if needed. There is a slot in the side of the screen for inserting CD's or DVD's, and all of the normal connections are on the sides of the screen.

The operating system is VISTA since it is the first OS to support Touch Screens. Therefore, you need a processor and memory appropriate for that system. Also, there is a choice in screen sizes. The minimum cost of the system is about $1,200 with an additional $300 if the TV tuner is included. This cost will increase if a larger memory is desired.

You can stop by STAPLES to look the unit over prior to the meeting, if you wish. It is on the far isle to the left as you enter the front door.

As usual, there will be time at the beginning of the meeting for members to bring up problems that they may have encountered with their computers in the last month. Any other members who have experienced this type of problem can offer successful remedies that they may have found.

SPECIAL NOTE: The "SIG" Meetings at the Senior Center on an introduction to VISTA are continuing each Thursday during this month. Attendance has not been high, possibly due to the cold weather. We have completed three of the scheduled units plus an introductory unit on the differences between VISTA and XP. We meet from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Thursdays others than our regular meeting night.
NOTE: The next version of Windows has already been released for Beta testing. The final release date will probably be next year, and it probably will not be too different from VISTA; however, it will be helpful to be familiar with Vista is if you ever plan to adopt future versions.

Your dues payment of $20.00 per member or for multiple members at the same mailing address are due for the year 2009. You may mail this payment to ORPCUG, P.O. Box 4241, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-4241, or bring it to this meeting and give it to our Secretary, Mary Uziel, or our Treasurer, Edward Von Halle.

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