June Meeting for the Oak Ridge PC Users Group

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Google Chrome

The Meeting for (the third) Thursday, June 18, 2009, will be a presentation by:

John Sanders of ORPCUG

Using Google Chrome and Wave

The Browser program that you probably use to find material on the internet was probably developed some 40 years ago when the needs of the user and the material available on the internet was quite different than they are today. Most probably the browser that you use is Internet Explorer or perhaps Foxfire, which was the first to offer "Tabs" or multiple screens in a single window. Other uses you have for the internet probably include the exchange of message by email or by Instant Messanger. All of these communication are based on an exchange between two users broken up into "You said"/"He said" segments.

The capabilities of the internet have greatly expanded and it would be helpful is the capabilities to exchange letters or information has greatly expanded. What if the browser program was expanded to permit a wider exchange of information to more than one person and with more facilities including both pictures and movies? Well this is what the people at Google have done. The result is Google Chrome that is illustrated by the logo above. Your can now download Google Chrome and begin to use it as your browser.

We will explore some of the features of Google Chrome at the meeting.

Google Wave At the same time, the developers at Google have created a "plug in" for Chrome called "Wave" that extend the capabilities even father. Now, as in Instant Messaging, the users who are your recipients can be "on line" at the same time, and they will receive your input as soon as it is typed. Also, these users can make comments or corrections that will appear on the screen of the writer and other recipients. All these additions and changes are kept in a sequential order on the server and can be "replayed" at later times. A version of the information can be compressed so that a document is created on line by a number of users.

This procedure must be supported by the server or servers to which the users are connected. The Google staff have created "robots" in the server program that can support and suppliment these tasks. This includes an advanced spell checker that checks both spelling and context to make certain that the appropriate word is used. At the same time, application programs (API's) that are plug-in's for the browser can assist in the process of collecting, organizing, and illustrating the document that is created. This includes the task of inserting pictures or videos in the document.

Again, the present capabilities of these features called WAVE will be illustrated at the meeting from video files available on YouTube.

There will be a question and answer session at the beginning of the meeting and time to ask the speaker questions either during or following his presentation.

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