Tip of the Month
AUGUST 2006 The Tip of the Month for August 2006 is provided by Charles Kee, President of ORPCUG. The procedure illustrates the use the SUMIF function to collect values for a certain parameter. This procedure is presented as an Adobe Acrobat file (with the extension .pdf). If the Adobe Acrobat File Reader is not installed on your computer, you can install it at no cost for your operating system and your hardware from the Adobe site. Just go to http://www.adobe.com and Click on the Box near the left margin that states: "Get the Adobe Reader."
You can download the PDF File by CLICKING HERE. This process should spawn (that is, start) the Acrobat Reader program with the document in its window. If you wish to save the document on your computer, you can click "Save a Copy" (The Floppy Disk Icon) in the menu bar of the Reader and then specify a folder. You can print the document very easily from the Reader by clicking on the printer icon.
SEPTEMBER 2006 President Charles Kee has provided two Tips for September: (as PDF files)
[1] The First Tip shows how to sum data in a particular cell from a number (range) of work sheets.
[2} The Second Tip shows how to round off values to the second decimal place (nearest penny) on the same spread sheet shown in the First Tip. Proper rounding is important in reporting withholdings for tax purposes on a quarterly basis.
OCTOBER 2006 The EXCEL Tip-of-the-Month provided by President Charles Kee again concerns the use of the conditional IF statement to check on alternative calculations. Again, it is a PDF file.
The Tip-of-the-Month provided by President Charles Kee concerns the creation of a template for an Excel Spreadsheet. Check out the Adobe Acrobat files.
MARCH 2007
The March Tip-of-the-Month that is provided by President Charles Kee is about customizing your toolbar. This tip applies to most of the Microsoft Office programs including WORD as well as Excel.
APRIL 2007
Please continue to check each month.

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